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Wasps (Vespula Vulgaris)

Wasps are regarded as nuisance pests or a threat to health. They can become a problem when they enter premises handling food. Foodstuffs can become contaminated and people may be stung.

Description: Up to 30mm long, eyes are kidney shaped. They have two pairs of wings, hind wings being smaller than the fore wings and their mouth parts are adapted for chewing and licking. The abdomen is constricted at the base giving the impression of a waist.

How to control wasps: Wasps nests are dealt with in two ways, the first and simplest way is to locate the insects entry point, once located an injection of insecticidal powder is introduced directly into the entrance of the nest, the wasps will then carry this powder through and contaminate the whole nesting site. The second way to destroy a wasps nest is to locate the actual nest, this may mean entering into a loft space area, once the nest site has been located the nest is then sprayed with Wasps Nest Destroyer Mk'11, suffocating the insects within the nest itself, after which the nest is then broken up by the technician and coated with a dust called Ficam D, this would only normally be carried out if there was no access to inject insecticide from the outside. Wasps can be excluded from buildings using screens, bait traps and insecticides (i.e. aerosol sprays). The nests can be treated with insecticidal powder, sprays or smokes.

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