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Squirrel Control ( Sciurus carolinensis )

Squirrels can cause a great deal of damage in loft spaces, from the gnawing of beams to serious damage to wiring or pipe work, squirrels gather insulation in order to build nesting sites in the loft space, staining of the ceiling can sometimes be visible from their urine, if you suspect you have squirrels in your loft space don't just leave it or it could cost you a lot more money that you had imagined later, Search UK can carry out a loft survey to establish if squirrels have moved in, and from there work out the best programme of works to suit you and the situation.

Control methods available for squirrels include, cage trapping or spring trapping with the use of mk4 fenn traps, shooting can also be carried out as a last resort.

Squirrels in loft spaces should be either cage trapped or spring trapped, as the use of poisons in loft space areas will only course secondary infestation of other pests such as blue bottles and maggots, plus the bad smell of an unfound squirrel carcass could smell the property out for weeks after the squirrel trapping treatment. Any squirrels captured must be humanely dispatched and not released to prevent trap shyness and re-infestation.

How to control grey squirrels: Cage traps, fenn traps, (poisoning not advised in domestic properties) dray poking, shooting.

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