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Rabbit Control ( Oryctolagus cuniculus )

Rabbits can account for millions of pounds worth of damage each year to agricultural crops, they are also responsible for the undermining of buildings which could in turn course structure collapse, whether your on an industrial estate, own a stable work on an airfield, or in the grounds of a school these creatures can cause you a major problem if not controlled in an effective way.

Search UK have carried out many rabbit control treatments for clients with rabbit problems, whether you have horses and are concerned with the risk that rabbit burrows pose, or you are concerned with school children injuring themselves, all of these accidents could cost you money, either in insurance claims or vets fees, if you are a farmer and are suffering heavy abuse to agricultural crops from rabbit numbers, Search UK have the solution with the use of ferrets, to long netting, snaring, gassing or shooting we can deal with any rabbit infestation quickly and efficiently and with a proven track record.

Search UK can work in darkness hours, with the use of a 4x4 off road vehicles and a powerful lamp with red filter, Search UK prefer to use the .17 HMR rim fire rifle in a great deal of situations due to the little or no ricochet of the bullet on firm ground, as the design of the bullet is made to de-fragment upon impact.

This is a deadly combination and we have accounted for thousands of rabbits working in this way, from shooting them around horses and farm animals to working in schools or on industrial estates, we have a solution to any rabbit infestation in a clean clinical and safe approach.

How to control Rabbits: Trapping, drop traps, snaring, ferreting, gassing, lamping and shooting.

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