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Common Clothes Moths
( Tineola bisselliella )

Adults are rarely seen in flight, mostly only the males, and the females after they have deposited their eggs.The larva is yellowish white in colour with a brown head and measures around 10 mm in length when fully mature.

The adult female lays eggs, between 50 and 100, amongst the material upon which the larva will feed. The larva emerges from the egg and proceeds to feed. Whilst feeding the larva of the clothes moth frequently constructs a loose silken "shelter" which has attached to it many particles of debris and faecal pellets etc. Once mature the larva pupates.

How to control Common Clothes Moth: Treatment consists of tracing the source of infestation, removing and destroying any infested food stuffs and if possible followed by applying a residual insecticide to infested areas.

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