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Mole Control ( Talpa europaea )

Moles are subterranean animals related to shrews. They tunnel below the soil surface feeding on worms and other soil invertebrates.

Damage is done by the moles extruding the soil dug out of the tunnels into mole hills, these are often considered unsightly. Moles are solitary for most of the year coming together for copulation in the spring.

Moles can be trapped, or gassed using aluminium phosphide tablets (always ask to see full training records in this field prior to gassing). A minimum of two operators should be present when gassing for moles.

Operations are best carried out between October and April when the grass growth is restricted, allowing clear views and access to their burrow system. Search UK can provide mole control for small to medium sized areas, a non-chemical method of control should always be considered first with the placement of mole traps within the mole tunnel system, these are inspected at regular intervals and dead moles will be removed before the traps are re-set.

We suggest that in order to find out which moles hills are active in which area, you knock down all of the existing hills the day before the pest control treatment is carried out.

How to control Moles: Trapping, gassing.

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