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Mink (Mustela vison )

The North American mink was first imported into the United Kingdom in 1926 for fur farming. Since then, as a result of escapes and releases, it has become widely established in the wild and it continues to spread to suitable habitats.

Mink usually live near water, preferring places with dense bank side vegetation and old trees which provide den sites.

Mating takes place from February to early March. The young are born in late April or May and weaned at 8 weeks. They stay with the mother until late summer when the family disperses and individuals remain solitary until the next breeding season.

Mink sometimes travel up to 50 km during the autumn and winter before settling in a new location. They take a wide variety of prey including fish, birds and mammals.

How to control Mink: Cage trapping, spring traps, shooting.

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