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Fox Control ( Vulbus vulbus )

Foxes are very cunning clever animals, we recently received a call from a women that keeps expensive chickens and geese on a small farm in Warwickshire, the women was loosing poultry to one particular dog fox that would test the boundaries of the poultry fence twice a day.

Having lost over thirty of her prize birds she thought it was time to call in Search UK, other people had tried in vain to control the problem fox but to no avail, then Search UK got the call and from there on it was just a matter of time before the women could sleep easy at night once more knowing that her prize poultry would be protected.

The fox was shy of the lamplight because it had been shot at with a twelve-bore shotgun more than once by a local farmer at night, it would not come to the call of a distressed rabbit all in all an educated dog fox that had the run of the place, but only for a short while because Search UK were now on the case.

Having calculated the foxes movements for over two weeks it was now time to spring the trap, the fox was humanly shot and removed with one single shot from a .243 Blaser R93 professional rifle.

How to control foxes: Cage trapping, snaring, calling and shooting.

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