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Flies ( Calliphora erythrocephala )

Blow flies are primarily scavengers, depositing their eggs on fish, meat, decaying matter of animal origin and wounds of animals and man. In the absence of more favourable sites, they will lay their eggs on animal faeces and decaying vegetable matter.

The female usually lay around 600 eggs-each egg being 1.0-1.5 mm long and creamy white in colour. The eggs hatch within 18-48 hours. The egg period varies according to the age of the egg when laid and on temperature and humidity. However, when gravid females can not find suitable laying sites, they retain eggs for as long as possible. In such circumstances, eggs hatch in a very short time.

How to control Blow Flies: Treatment consists of finding the source of the infestation and where possible, removing it. The application of residual insecticide may also be indicated, however attention to hygiene is the key to controlling this pest.

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