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Feral Pigeon (Columba livia)

The feral, town or city pigeon is amongst the most widespread of creatures, being found worldwide and throughout Europe. In this country it can be found in almost all environments including towns and cities, farmland, parks, golf courses and woodland, Search UK are called out on a regular basis to humanely dispatch these pest birds by means of shooting them with the appropriate air guns, from factories, football stadiums and storage warehouses, quickly and efficiently.

Description: 30-34cm overall body length, typically weighs around 350gm. Varies in colour, from blue-grey, through blues, purples, dark reds and mottled patterns to charcoal . A wide variety of habitats, from deep rural settings to the centre of a city. Closely associated with human habitation.

How to control pigeons: Trapping, narcotising, spring wire systems, netting, bird repellent gels, proofing, bird point system, shooting. Search UK specialise in the removal of feral pigeons by means of shooting them with low powered silenced airguns to which we have well over 30 years experience in the use of. This type of treatment would normally be carried out after normal working hours, as to offer a safe, discreet, professional service. However there have been occasions when we have been called in during the day, and with the help of our military background are able to isolate the risk of injury to staff and the public whilst concentrating on the task in hand.

If you are suffering from feral pigeon infestation then call us, we will then send a fully trained assessor to carry out a safety survey before the problem is dealt with. Search UK can provide this service on a one off job basis or as a part of a regular culling programme.

Call us today if you have an feral pigeon problem in Kenilworth, Coventry, Leamington or Warwickshire.

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