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Feral Cats ( Felis cattus )

The Feral cat is a small carnivorous mammal. Its ancestor is believed to be the African Wild Cat
( Felis libyca ), although many scientists think this is simply a race of the European Wild cat ( Felis sylvestris ) of Europe and Western Asia. All cats belong to the family felidae. A feral cat is not a different breed of cat, merely a domestic cat which has become "wild" and now fends for itself.

Feral cats are somewhat omnivorous, although they are carnivores by nature. This means that they can eat domestic and farm birds, wild birds and small rodents including domestic pets such as gerbils and hamsters and possibly rabbits.

The cat has learnt to live alongside man, and as such feral cats can be found in or around most of man's modern environments.

How to Control Feral Cats: Pre baiting and cage trapping, microchip scanning and re-homing if possible, humane destruction last resort. Search UK are specialists in the art of catching feral cats by means of cage trapping, once the pre-baiting stage is complete and we have been successful in the catching of the offending cat, it will be taken to the local vet and scanned, if the cat has been tagged with an RFD chip a call will be made to the cats owner, explaining that we have there animal and they may retrieve it from us.

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