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Deer Control ( Capreolus caproelus )

Deer are beautiful animals to watch, and over the years many a pleasurable moment has been spent watching these magnificent creatures.

However there may be times when the deer population on your land gets to a point that requires a certain amount of management in order to either protect woodland or farmers crops, or sustain a healthy deer population, it maybe that you have noticed an injured deer within the group that needs to be humanely dealt with in a professional way in order to prevent further suffering.

This is where Search UK come into it's own, with fully trained ex-army marksman up to DSC1+2 standard, we are able to identify the potential problem and deal with it in the most humane manner.

Once an animal has been selected the cull will take place, after the successful shot placement, the carcass will be dressed out and made ready for the game dealer.

After the cull the animal will be photographed and recorded on a cull record sheet, this will help prove condition of the carcass and conform with the British Deer Society code of conduct.

Since Search UK added this service to the company we have successfully culled well over one hundred deer, each deer has been followed up and accounted for.

How to control deer: Fencing, Shooting by approved deer stalker.

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